Homeownership and the American dream

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Homeownership and the American dream

The American dream is often thought of as homeownership, and that’s certainly a part of it. But what really makes homeownership part of that American dream, so to speak, is the idea of freedom. Liberty. My own piece of land. My own homestead to raise a family.

There’s just something inside of us that doesn’t want to pay someone else rent to live in their property. There’s security in knowing you can hang pictures, paint whatever colors you want, and even tear down that wall to open thing up. These are things that seem intangible, and maybe they are. But they are made tangible in a house of your own.

Here is the real American dream: Freedom

Of course, people, politicians, and corporations commercialize that dream to suit their own purposes. Sometimes those purposes intersect with We The People, and other times, they don’t. Corporations want to sell you their version of the American dream to line their pockets. They buy off politicians to further line their pockets, who in turn sell their version of the American dream to line their own pockets even further.

Meanwhile, you and I working out here in the heartland just want to be left alone. That’s why homeownership is so important to American freedom. Owning our own home on our own piece of land allows us more opportunity to ignore all the nonsense of Big Media, Big Tech, and Big Government.

I don’t know about you, but that’s MY version of the American dream.

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