Get Pre-Approved

In a hot market like we’re experiencing, it’s really important to be pre-approved before you start looking for homes. Why? Because you need to be able to act quickly with a credible offer before someone else does the next day. If you make an offer, but you’re not pre-approved by a lender, a seller is not likely to accept your offer without contingency—which means that the next person to come along who IS pre-approved will probably win the deal.

Lenders we have worked with

There are thousands of lenders in the Treasure Valley, but these are a few we know and trust to get loans pre-approved quickly and efficiently. When it’s crunch time, and your home is about to close, you want a professional on your team to make sure everyone gets done on time.

Perry Gossett
Premier Mortgage Resources LLC

Darin Ramp
Willamette Valley Bank

Todd Grande
Bright Bank