Marketing your home: Let’s talk strategy

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Marketing your home: Let's talk strategy

You might be wondering what my strategy is for marketing your home. As a former marketing director, I know a little about marketing and public relations. Did you know I used to be an architect and got the company covered by all kinds of media outlets?

Here’s a little insight into how I apply my expertise to work for you in getting your home sold.

First, obviously, I start with the MLS listing. And by that, I mean not just a few barebones facts in the MLS with some photos, but some well-written copy that makes your home stand out to readers. Photos are important, as well. I only use professional photos for my listings. I could save money and take photos myself, but I don’t—because I’m not a professional photographer, I’m a professional real estate agent. I know my strengths, and photography isn’t one.

One thing I never, ever do, is make an MLS listing live without all the professional photos being uploaded. Some agents will be so excited to get a listing live that they shortcut good marketing and make it live before the best photos are ready. They’ll take some photos themselves, perhaps, as placeholders, then exchange them when the professional photos come back.

That’s not ideal, because by far, the most eyeballs are looking at your listing in the first week that listing goes live. The numbers dwindle after that. This means you want the MLS listing to be as effective as possible to elicit a quick offer. A mediocre listing may still sell based on price alone. But checking off all the best practices will help it sell faster and for more than otherwise.

While many agents may think their work is done once a new listing is live in the MLS, that’s really when my marketing magic starts. I plug your home into a spreadsheet I use to schedule regular marketing tasks. These marketing tasks include online and offline advertising, social media promotion, virtual open houses, IRL (in real life) open houses, and more.

I make it a point to advertise on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and other locations. I take out ads to reach targeted demographic groups of buyers, like out of state buyers and cash buyers. I schedule social media posts, feature your home in my newsletters, pass out flyers in your neighborhood, hold open houses for your home, and much more.

It’s also important to understand that real estate marketing is not a “set it and forget it” exercise. Every home is unique in the marketplace, and needs personal and ongoing attention to keep it in front of home buyers. Even in periods of low inventory in the market, a listing always has competition for attention. That can be from other listings, or for less motivated buyers, it can be other things in life that compete with your home for their attention. In either case, my job is to put your home’s best selling points in the spotlight, right in front of as many qualified prospective buyers as possible.

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