The influencer’s edge: Thriving in real estate during times of change

By Real Estate News

In the wake of the landmark Sitzer/Burnett commission lawsuit case, the real estate world is in turmoil. As industry players scramble to assess the fallout, there’s a silver lining for the astute – opportunity amidst chaos.

The savvy real estate agents and loan officers see this not a crisis but a golden opportunity. Now is the time to rise as an influencer, a trusted advisor and a beacon of stability in a sea of uncertainty. This is a call to arms for real estate agents and loan officers ready to seize the day.

The distraction advantage

Let’s cut to the chase: Your competitors are distracted. They’re caught in the headlights of
change, poring over legal jargon, worrying about commission structures and losing sight of
the prize – sales.

This is your moment. While they’re busy worrying, you should be busy working. The key is to stay laser-focused on what you do best: selling homes and providing stellar financial advice.

While your peers are entangled in adapting to changes, your clear focus and proactive approach puts you steps ahead. Your competitors’ distraction is your playground. In this environment, those who stay engaged in core sales activities, unswayed by the chaos, will not just survive but thrive.

The power of influence

In times like these, influence is your most potent weapon. It’s about being the voice that cuts
through the noise, the trusted source of information when rumors and confusion are rampant. Personal branding isn’t just about recognition; it’s about establishing authority and trust. Your clients need a guide, and you are poised to be that guiding light.

Scripting the narrative

As you engage with clients, your message should be one of assurance and insight. You need to own the narrative with your clients. Here’s how:

For real estate agents:

  • Script: “While the industry is evolving, my commitment to finding your dream home
    remains steadfast. Let others focus on the noise; we’ll focus on your needs.”
  • Message: Project confidence and deep understanding of market changes. Show
    them that your expertise is their anchor in these turbulent times. That means you’d
    better do your homework!

For loan officers:

  • Script: “Market changes bring new opportunities. I’m here to offer you tailored, up-to-
    date financial advice. Let’s turn these changes into wealth!”
  • Message: Reinforce your role as a guide through uncertain financial landscapes.
    Highlight your adaptability and insight in finding optimal mortgage solutions, regardless
    of market fluctuations.

Presentation skills: A gateway to higher conversion rates

Presentation skills are another crucial element. Storytelling within sales presentations is proven to significantly improve conversion rates. A compelling narrative adds context to numbers, makes data relatable, and fosters deeper connections with clients.

Sales reps must balance stories with hard data to establish trust and enhance customer loyalty. Effective storytelling can also distinguish your brand, forming long-term partnerships and boosting customer retention.

Moreover, the caliber of a sales pitch is directly tied to the salesperson’s skills. Presentation analytics are invaluable in honing these skills. By analyzing factors like presentation duration and the time spent on specific sections, sales managers can identify strengths and weaknesses, enabling targeted coaching to improve performance.

This data-driven approach ensures that every team member can maximize their impact during sales pitches.

Comprehensive strategies for staying ahead and amplifying influence

  1. Enhance client relationships: Trust is your currency. Forge stronger bonds through
    consistent, reliable communication and personalized service.
  2. Educate yourself and clients: Stay abreast of mortgage and real estate industry changes and translate complex information into digestible, actionable advice for your clients.
  3. Leverage social media: Regularly share insights and updates on social media to
    establish yourself as an industry thought leader.
  4. Host informative sessions: Use webinars or community meetings to demonstrate your
    knowledge and reassure clients and prospects.
  5. Network with purpose: Build relationships with like-minded professionals who see
    opportunity as they can support and enhance your influence.
  6. Be visible and vocal: Use every platform available to you to share your perspective and
    insights, reinforcing your status as a go-to housing market expert.
  7. Adapt to market needs: Be quick to adjust your strategies in response to market shifts,
    ensuring your services remain relevant and in demand.

Harness the influencer’s advantage

In these times of industry upheaval, your influence is your capital. Use it to build trust, provide
clarity and lead with confidence. Those who do will emerge not just as survivors of change, but as architects of a new real estate era.

Rene Rodriguez is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, leadership advisor and transformational speaker coach.