The extrovert’s guide to being a real estate rock star

By Real Estate News

How do you know if you’re an introvert or an extrovert? The simple test is to ask yourself: when you’re around a lot of people (say at a party or a real estate event), do you go home after the party and feel like your battery has been charged or do you feel drained? If the answer is charged up, you’re an extrovert. If you’re drained, you’re an introvert. Neither is better or worse, but each has its strengths and weaknesses, especially in business.

It may seem obvious, but let’s talk about extroverts and how to thrive in real estate. Extroverts come in many varieties, but primarily they are either Amiable or Influencer types.

Amiable extroverts are very family and friend-oriented, caregiving and nurturing. They are ‘people’ people. They are often teachers, nurses, customer service, working in the hospitality industry or another similar, people-oriented field.

The more Influencer types of extroverts are also people-oriented but tend to put the focus on themselves. They’re the life of the party, the entertainer, the leader of their friend group, and they tend to have lots of friends.

Extroverts have an advantage in real estate, because their sphere of Influence is vast. They love to have friends, they love to entertain and they love to be a connector of people. If that’s you, your secret power is to harness your relationships, communicate regularly, talk about real estate, and ask for business.

Extroverts are naturally confident. Be wary of this because being overly confident can be perceived as arrogance. Prospects can be turned off to you because they’ll think you just assume they’ll work with you. After all, you’re friends. Be just as professional with friends as you are with people who don’t already know, love and trust you.

Extroverts tend to talk a lot. Let your client talk more than you do and listen to what they’re saying. Take notes so you remember what’s most important to them. Train yourself to be fascinated by them.

Don’t make it all about you all the time. Remove the words I, me, my, and mine from your speech so your ego is in check. Lead with your expertise, professionalism, attention to detail, and leadership rather than relying solely on your personality.

Be careful to not overreact or be emotional in front of your client. You tend to wear your emotions on your sleeve, or more accurately on your face and demeanor. If you hear ‘no’, lose a deal, or have a conflict with another agent, don’t lose your composure. There’s always a solution.

Extroverts tend to wear themselves out trying to be everything and everywhere to everyone. Take time to refill your cup. Don’t party the night before and then go to a listing appointment the next day. Plan so you can be your best self with prospects and clients.

Tame your outgoingness when necessary and be more like your prospects if they’re introverted or simply calmer than you are. Not everyone wants a bubbly chatterbox. ‘Read your audience’.

Lead with questions versus statements. Ask what’s most important to your prospects and clients versus assuming you already know. Scripts are your friend! They will keep you on track and focused on providing the best service to all types of clients.

Tim and Julie Harris host a podcast for real estate professionals in the U.S. New episodes premier every weekday. Tim and Julie have been real estate coaches for more than two decades, coaching the top agents in the country through all types of markets.