How to empower agents and grow your brand in the wake of commission lawsuits

By Real Estate News

We’ve all experienced that liberating feeling when you confront a serious issue with an honest and open conversation. It’s like a weight lifted off your shoulders, right? 

Well, those are the types of conversations many agents are looking for right now, underscoring why your words post-commission lawsuit are more important than ever. Crafting a content and communication strategy that genuinely acknowledges their insecurities can pave the way for substantial agent recruitment and business growth.

As the founder of Happy Grasshopper, I’ve learned that effective content isn’t merely about putting a “call to action” in your messaging; it’s about crafting an engaging call to conversation. See the difference? It’s about initiating open dialogue, providing reassurance and sparking curiosity through your content. Post-Sitzer/Burnett case, you need to not only adapt but also engage in candid conversations that drive your brokerage forward. 

Transparency is the new industry standard

If the recent real estate litigation has taught us anything, it’s that being transparent isn’t just a choice; it’s now imperative. Transparency builds trust, and in times of uncertainty, it becomes the cornerstone for fostering lasting relationships. 

Addressing agents’ concerns is pivotal. Keep the focus on them and ask smart questions about their needs. What are their pain points? What concerns them most about their business and changing brokerages in the new year? 

Here are a few conversation starters to keep in mind: 

  • Income security reassurance: Agents fear reductions in income. Reassure them that your strategies shield and potentially enhance their earnings amidst any commission shakeups.
  • Empower them: Agents may fear losing control. Showcase how your leadership empowers autonomy while guiding them through change.
  • Support them: Highlight the resources available to ease agents’ transition to new technologies and practices.
  • Advise on navigating market volatility: Share insights and personal anecdotes to help agents not just survive but thrive amidst unpredictable market shifts.
  • Competitive edge reassurance: Agents feel the pressure of rising competition. Explain how your strategies equip them with a competitive edge.

The power of words

Any recent litigation isn’t a roadblock for your brand or brokerage; it’s an opportunity for growth. Leveraging the potency of meaningful conversations and having honest discussions about real estate headlines in the news can position your brokerage as a trusted leader in the industry. 

Agents are seeking more than just information; they’re seeking understanding and guidance. Your communication strategy can bridge that gap, offering reassurance and fostering change. And you don’t need to overthink any of this. Just be real and human and offer them the chance to have their voice heard. 

So, here’s the real question you need to be asking before the end of the year: How can we start better conversations with agents in 2024? That’s the secret to growing headcount and production.

Dan Stewart is the founder and CEO of Happy Grasshopper.