Fintech Maxwell launches POS feature that offers tailored workflows for lenders

By Real Estate News

Wells Fargo-backed mortgage fintech Maxwell rolled out a point-of-sale (POS) feature that offers tailored workflows and integrations.

The Blueprint Builder features more than 60 third-party integrations, allowing lending teams to connect with other pieces of their workflow, from credit and verifications to pricing and disclosures.

Lenders can choose to integrate and configure many third-party services such as verification of asset, verification of employment/verification of income, e-signing and e-closing.

Lenders can also define workflows and business rules for any mortgage product, including construction loans, manufactured home loans, home equity loans and bridge loans. 

With Blueprint Builder, triggers and business rules can be configured to align the borrower experience to operations processes (such as credit score-based rules), and to support multiple business units or channels, including retail, direct-to-consumer and wholesale. 

Unlike off-the-shelf POS solutions, Blueprint Builder allows lenders to customize technology that is designed to help improve operations, Maxwell noted.

“Mortgage lending is complex, and many processes sit outside the established boundaries of off-the-shelf point-of-sale products,” John Paasonen, co-founder and CEO at Maxwell, said in a statement.

“In the current environment, a rigid, static technology stack can prove fatal. Maxwell’s Blueprint Builder provides first-of-its-kind configurability, allowing lenders to adapt their digital experience to the workflows that they know work best across all their products and channels without hiring developers.”

Since launching in 2016, Maxwell has used technology to streamline and accelerate the mortgage process for more than 300 banks, credit unions and other lenders on its platform.

The Denver-based fintech made its first mergers and acquisition (M&A) deal in May 2023 when it acquired mortgage solutions provider LenderSelect. With the deal, Maxwell expanded its secondary market platform to add more than 180 clients.